Suss with Latty Goodaz


December 24, 2015
Miss Jamaica World 2015, Dr Sanneta Myrie, making her winning walk after being crowned at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in Rose Hall in August.
Gully Bop
Ninja Man
Tanya Stephens
File Macka Diamond
Marion Hall

When we a touch it come een like Christmas... Merry Christmas to everybody weh say Latty Goodaz and all who nuh like we can go chuck off dung a Riverton. Make sure unuh keep safe pon the road.

From Sister Lady Saw tun Christian, a bere bangarang a gwaan. Tanya Stephens say she a wait pon fi her and Lady G apology, and even though she never call no name, everybody a jump dung her throat fi mek her likkle speech. Tanya have every right fi say so. She know why she a say so. Me hope everybody can just tun back friend because unuh too old fi di foolishness.

Macka Diamond, me glad you say you forgive Lady Saw and that you also want to give your life to God. Me happy fi you. I hope both of you will be friends again and stop the foolishness. Fi two big woman, unuh did really a behave bad. Good luck pon the journey Macka and me a ask the rest a unuh artiste weh inna dancehall from Nanny of the Maroons was a baby fi please leave the area and free up the spot fi some young people.

Speaking of free up, Alkaline me hear say you finally free up you eye ball dem and take out the contacts. Me hear say to how you natural eye frighten, it nuh stop run water because a first in a long time it a get fi see people. Big up Champion Boy and big up you eye ball dem, dem go through the most inna dancehall this year.

So after Ninja Man trace off Sting and Gully Bop last year, him and Bop tun friend now and a clash Merciless. Sting say dem nah keep no clash so me want fi know a wah Merciless, Gully Bop and Ninja Man a go do pon stage! Is a ugly contest dem a keep it wah? A clash we want!!

Wah really a gwaan wid the Dancehall Queen dancers and the other dancers dem? Me need fi know wah really a gwaan cause it nuh look good.

Miss Jamaica World, wah kinda bangarang a galang over deh?! After Sanneta come fourth inna Miss World, unuh well a make post bout how she never wear the frock unuh did pick out fi her. Me see the frock and me never like it at all. It look like sum'n weh fabric store dash out. It look like when baby write pon banana skin. Unuh need fi stop the foolishness because that yellow dress was going NOWHERE, just like the crown weh Laurie Ann lose!

Happy Birthday J Capri, RIP.

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