Man wants ex girlfriend to return Christmas gift


January 15, 2016

A man whose love affair ended days after he gave his girlfriend an expensive Christmas gift, wants to know what action he can take to have her return the item.

According to the man, she knew she was no longer interested in the relationship when he took the gift from him.

"Last Christmas I gave my girlfriend a very expensive gold chain. We were friends for four years. Every year we usually give each other gifts on Christmas Day. Last year I was surprised that she gave me no gift. When I gave her the gift, she opened it and did not say thanks.

"After I gave her the gift, I spent about an hour at her home. She barely spoke with me. I sensed something was wrong and I asked her if everything was alright. She said yes.

"I told her I was going home and would have called her later. I telephoned her many times. She did not answer her telephone. I saw her sister the next day and told her what had transpired. She said she would have talked to her sister.

"I kept calling my girlfriend, daily, leaving messages on her telephone, but I got no response. On New Year's Eve, I asked a friend to use his phone to dial her telephone. She responded. I took the telephone and began talking to her. I asked her what I had done to her. She cut off the call.


"She really hurt my feelings when she did that. I began to cry. I called her sister and told her what she had done. She told me that there were some new changes in her sister's life. She said she was not at liberty to tell me, but I would soon find out.

"Well, last week I found out what the new changes were, as her sister had said. I went to a party and my girlfriend was at the party with her new lover. I went to her and asked if he was her new lover. She said yes. I told her I really loved her and could not believe she would have ended the relationship without telling me. She told me I should get over it because I did not own her.

"I told her to return the Christmas gift I gave her. She said she was not returning it. She threatened to sell it. I told her she was a liar, a cheat and should not benefit from the gift.

"What legal action can I take to get back the chain? Some of my friends have suggested that I could sue her since it is not a police matter."

If you should file a suit against her, you will not succeed in court. The fact is that you willingly gave your former girlfriend the gold chain as a Christmas gift.

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