Fass & Curious: A higglers's confession


January 18, 2016

"One more year pon di bugger dem!" Yes!! The perfect song was playing on the radio. I was just thinking how ironic since a new year just started and before you know it the month soon done.

But seriously guys, I Gossip Chica want to tenk unuh fa spending 2015 wid mi! Mi know unuh enjoy reading Fass & Curious as much as I have enjoyed writing it! Big up unuhself! Continue keep the link stargossipchica@gmail.com"

"Mi a come sell a market tomorrow alright!" A woman hangs up her phone as she continues the conversation with the elderly lady sitting beside her. "Nuff people no know mi sell a market enuh because mi look so!"

"What you sell?" was the old woman's question.

"Everything mama! Clothes, shoes, likkle lotion, likkle dis and dat and any rey rey!" Lol I wondered what dis and dat and rey rey meant...conclusion sounded like everything!

I took a closer look at the woman to see how she looked since her statement was suggesting she didn't look like a higgler. My thoughts at the moment. I didn't know a higgler was supposed to carry a particular look!

This woman was an oversized one. She took up two seats in the bus. She sported an orange and purple wig with blue streaks. I smiled as I closely examined the hairdo as the back part of the wig a say "hold mi dung!" DWL!! (Seriously, that wig though!)

She wore a pink bracelet on one hand and on the other she had on some gold-looking fandangles. Her pouty lips were smeared with tooooooo much lipstick and her eyeliner was screaming, "erase me please!" smh this was just too much. She was probably right she didn't in fact look like a higgler.

"Mi cya bada fi mi foot a squeeze up. It too heavy!" She she said referring to a black bag she had sitting on the bus. A Rasta man that was packing the bus seemed annoyed as he responded to her comment, "Mi ask u if u want the bag go to the back yuh nuh answer!"

"Mi ney kno say it heavy and mi foot nuffi a kweeze up so a one ting fi make me foot kweeze up and anuh dis!" (Don't ask me what she talking bout.) If I had to guess I would take it that statement was sexually implied.

The Rasta fired, "So wah yuh a long up u mouth so fah. Yuh a gwan like mi fraida u!"

"Si Blacka bus deh mi a go in deh kmt!" she said.

"Den u nuh galang!" was all the Rasta replied.


She was trying to get up when another man came and took the bag. She grumbled, "Mama mi nuh care mi a pay more fare so mi nuh innah no argument mi just walk out!"

The elderly woman tried to reason with her, "See them put up the bag siddung man. Dem boy style dat watch the wire. Watch the wire!"

"Mama yuh nuh easy enuh...Mi nuh have no baby a run go home to oh!"

Sometimes I swear you follow people and their conversations you confuse your poor self ; because the conversation itself sounds hard to follow as you try to keep up.

Anyways mi peeps... until next week stay out of trouble. Live good!

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