Real Talk: Mr Vegas part 2


January 21, 2016
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Mr Vegas

Hi My Real Talk peeps, welcome back to another exciting week with me and Mr Vegas. Last week you showed him a whole lot of love especially because of his remark about his mother. He definitely kept it real and we haffi big him up. Now this week he answers questions on relationships and dating. Check it out!

Renee: What kind of boyfriend are you?

Mr Vegas: I can be moody, I can be loving, I can be miserable. I just think I have multiple personalities. I can be real quiet. I can be locked away in my own little world at times and I can be difficult (laughs).

Renee: Are you a traditional dater or a Netflix and chill kinda guy?

Mr Vegas: I'm old school. I go to the movies, maybe dinner and that kind of a thing. I'm not gonna take too much credit on opening car doors. I don't think it is something I practice a lot. But I'm into picking up and dropping off, making sure you get back home safe.

Renee: Are you single or in a relationship?

Mr. Vegas: I am single at this point. I'm just doing me for now (laughs).

Renee: It's a life and death situation and you had to date one female dancehall artiste, who would that be?

Mr Vegas: (Laughs) Wow, that's a hard question, that's a really hard one. I'm trying to find that one person cause it's life and death so me no sure if me woulda rather dead (laughs). Who now star? Whoii star? Uum, Tiana is beautiful girl, I really like Tiana. She is a nice girl, yeah man. I don't think I've ever heard her name in the circles in a negative way, not saying I've heard the others but basically I've not heard her name being linked to too much negative energy.

Renee: How do you deal with criticism?

Mr Vegas: I just look at the world as somewhere, where you can't have just positives. You need positive and negative to get light. So I just look at a lot of negative energy and criticism as something to make me stronger and to push harder in whatever I'm doing. If everybody did just like Vegas, I think you wouldn't be hearing about Vegas after 17 or 18 years. Sometimes, it does get under your skin but that's just life.

Well real people, this is where I leave you for this week. Can't wait for next week when I talk with another of your favourite persons. Until then, keep it real!

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