The truth about 'six pack' abs


January 04, 2016

Most would identify a good base of health, strength, and fitness levels with having a visible six pack. This is far from the case. In fact, what is crucial where abdominal muscles are concerned is the strength and stability of the whole core area.

The core is all of the body apart from the extremities - your arms and legs.

It is very important that we do exercises to strengthen this whole area rather than focusing of the front portion often referred to as the six pack (rectus abdominis). Only focusing on the six pack by doing sit-ups can cause more damage through repetitive strain along with other posture defects.

The actual reason behind most people not having a six pack, despite regularly exercising, comes down to not developing the abdominal muscles enough with resistance and not eating in the correct way to reduce body fat.

Eating a healthy balanced diet isn't necessarily the right way to attain a six pack as a six pack requires a calorie deficit: eating less than what is required for the body to function in a healthy fashion, which, in turn, places the body in a position to burn excess fat as energy.

To have a strong and healthy core, focus on doing a wide variety of exercises that involve movement in various directions. Control your breathing throughout these movements by bracing and tensing against the abdominal wall.

Eat a wide variety of foods that have been prepared in a healthy fashion, while reducing starch intake to match with activity levels in your daily lives.

By taking these steps over time, the body will appear leaner at the mid-section while becoming stronger and more stable.

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