Five things you may not be doing for losing weight!


January 18, 2016

Weight loss can be achieved in several different ways, there isn't one system of losing weight that has been proven to work better than another due to humans having different body types and metabolic rate.

Weight loss at times shouldn't be the goal persons absolutely attempt to peruse, more importantly one should try to reduce body fat as opposed to weight loss. Losing weight would mean the compromise of also losing muscle. To do this makes no sense, as to get a toned physique one must have sufficient muscle mass for this to be achieved. Therefore there isn't any point in losing something which you will need at a later date.

1. Most people associate weight loss with under eating as one of the quickest ways to achieve a reduction on the scale. The truth of the matter is, under eating can cause metabolic damage and intern cause weight to remain stagnant.

2. Only doing aerobic activity like steady state long distance running can cause the body to go into a fat trap scenario, therefore it is important to mix up exercise with high intensity training like sprints or lifting weights.

3. Not eating enough good fats. People tend to cut fats out of their diets thinking it causes them to gain weight, however consuming good fats like avocado or most nuts and seeds can actually help the body to burn more fat.

4. Not eating enough micronutrients particularly ones you are deficient in. Deficiency in certain vitamins can cause the body to not operate effectively putting a strain on how it does things.

5. Finally not eating good foods regularly. Junk food and alcohol is the biggest contributing factor to obesity. Cutting these out totally will drastically improve your body's ability to break down excessive weight gain.

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