Fear grips Trelawny seniors

June 06, 2017
Water Square in Falmouth, Trelawny.

While residents in Trelawny have a good reason to celebrating 'old age,' being the home parish of the world's oldest person, 117 years old Violet Brown, they also have reasons to be sadden by the savagery some of the 'old timers' have experience over the past two years.

The recent murder of businesswoman Hyacintha Wright, the widow of the former mayor of Falmouth, Joseph Wright, has many elderly persons quite worried.

"As an elderly person, I am quite concerned because at my age, I can't fight off an attacker so you could say I am vulnerable," a retired nurse told WESTERN STAR.

The retired nurse asked that her identity not be revealed out a fear that she too could be attacked.

"Whenever I leave my house, I always try to be aware of my surroundings and stay away from crowds. if it is God's will, I hope to die in my bed at a ripe old age," she added.


Man of unsound mind


Last December, Falmouth was thrown into mourning when 71-year-old pensioner, Joyce Gomez, had her head partially severed by a man of unsound mind, who attacked her just outside the town's post office. Two months earlier, 65 years old Bruce Walters, a taxi operator, of Hague district, was beheaded by another mentally ill man, who ambushed him at his home.

Trelawny also experience back-to-back murders of two well-known elderly residents in 2015. Retired nurse Hyacinth Hayden,79, was murdered in her kitchen. Two months earlier, another elderly woman, 75 years old Nesta Daley, was shot dead by gunmen.

Revered Owen Watson, who heads the Victim Support Unit in Trelawny, said "it is frightening and gives a sense of hopelessness going forward".

The pastor, who in the past described cruelty against the elderly as "unthinkable", said that when incidents like these happens, "it weakens the chain that holds the race together".

"As a people we must do better than this," said Watson, who is associate pastor at Clarks Town Baptist and Beulah Baptist in Daniel Town.

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