Flooding leaves woman sleeping on plyboard

October 03, 2022
Petrona March still has her bed on blocks.
Petrona March still has her bed on blocks.
Lotoya Hedge looks at her clothing and mattress which were soaked during recent flooding.
Lotoya Hedge looks at her clothing and mattress which were soaked during recent flooding.

Flooding that affected sections of the island last Monday has left at least one Bog Walk, St Catherine, resident without a proper place to lay her head.

Though she has experienced flooding before, Church Road resident Lotoya Hedge said that this is the worst she has been affected.

"I am now sleeping on plyboard as everything for the bed is soaked from the whole heap a water which came inside the house," Hedge said. "I am desperately trying to relocate. I have submitted the required documents to Food For The Poor so I am existing by faith."

Flooded with the memories of the water which washed through her house, another Church Road resident Petrona March still has her bed on several building blocks inside her dwelling.

"I am still frightened as I have never seen this level of water inside the house," March said. "The water reach window height after it covered the church next door. Although mi hoist the bed, it [water] destroy mattress, fridge and stove."

With a pensive look and her hand on her jaw, Alicia Lewis related the frightening experience of her flooded home.

"I was at work and upon reaching the front of the lane I realised that the water was at my waist," Lewis said. "As I come inside, I see that everything soaking wet, khaki, school supplies, mattress and everything under water."

Other residents said that it was the worst flooding that they have encountered, and blamed the situation on an inadequate drain network, which they believe is unable to manage the volume of water whenever there is a heavy downpour.

"I am living in Church Road for all 59 years of my life and I have never seen so much water inside my yard," Oscar Mattis said. "Sections of the drain are unpaved and with new housing developments, plus the highway, it needs cleaning and expansion." Residents said they got six hours of intense rain and are calling for immediate assistance, especially as the island's Meteorological Service has predicted lingering showers this week.

Recently, Member of Parliament for East Central St Catherine, Natalie Neita-Garvey, echoed the residents' cries and requested funding so that drain cleaning can be done.

Attempts to contact Peter Abrahams, councillor for the Bog Walk Division, were unsuccessful as his cellular phone rang without answer.

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