In love with my high school teacher


November 18, 2015


I am 19. I am on my last year in university. I had a crush on one of my high-school teachers. I kept it to myself, but he knew how I felt about him. I was always careful not to hang around after school to talk to him. I always said, "Yes, Sir, and No, sir," when questions were asked of me. Not even my best friends knew how I felt about him.

When I was graduating from high school, I bought him a card and told him thanks for helping me. He was living with his child's mother. She has since left the island and is living in the states. Since she is gone, he has taken me out and wants to meet with my parents. When I go to bed, I don't think about my boyfriend, I think about him. He just bought a house and wants me to stay with him. I am so confused. Please, help me.


Dear P.T.,

It is not unusual for girls to have crush on their male teachers. That happens all the time. Teachers need to understand they should learn to control themselves and never get involved with their students.

Now that you have left high school, you have boyfriend and are in university. Your former teacher ought not to be encouraging you to leave your boyfriend to have a relationship with him. He has his child's mother. She has probably helped him a lot. Don't get between them. She has probably put money into the house he bought.

Your former teacher is not a good man. Tell him you don't want him and scan't introduce him to your parents. Don't go out with him or take anything from him.


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