My church says I can't remarry


August 09, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I read your column every day and I find it interesting.

I have a question. Why is it that these single women don't leave married men alone?

I got married to a man in 1985. I was young, and all of that, and he was a leader in the church. We had four children together.

He went out and found a girlfriend. He had a girlfriend from since he was in his teens.

She turned up and said that she knew him and she wanted to be part of our family because her family hated her. She came into our lives like she liked us.

Before I realised what was happening, my husband kicked us out and married her. I am not working. I find it hard to survive. I am told by some church people that I cannot get married again because if I do, I would go to Hell.

What do you think I should do? Should I remarry? Is it wrong to remarry?

I am lonely, but because of what my church teaches, I am afraid to get into a relationship.


Dear A.L.,

Divorce means that your marriage has come to an end. You are no more married and you are free to get married again.

Denominations differ as to whether one who is divorced should get married again. As I understand it, you can.

Therefore, if you are fortunate to meet a man who loves you and you love him, get married. You won't go to Hell for doing what is right.

The Bible says it is better to be married than to burn with passion. I need not comment on what your former husband did to you.


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