I need justice for my cousin!


August 12, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I read your column regularly and I admire your work. I know you may not be able to help me, but I don't know what else to do. I am an 18-year-old concerned female who is writing for your advice concerning a family problem.

I have a cousin who died exactly a month ago, and so far, no autopsy has been done. Her sister, her babyfather and his mother are working effortlessly to see to it that the autopsy is not done. They are even paying a certain police officer to withhold the docket from the pathologist for the autopsy to be postponed.

Pastor, I am convinced that those people are hiding something or else they wouldn't be paying the policeman to withhold that vital document for the autopsy to be put off every time.

Pastor, she was 39, and from what we heard, her babyfather was constantly beating her for whatever reason, and it took a toll on her and she died in the hospital.

Pastor, something is fishy! They are hiding something and that's why the autopsy has not yet been conducted. Her grave has not even been dug! The family is hurting, angry and confused. My cousin's mother's patience is wearing thin and her daughter is devastated. We need justice. God bless you.


Dear S.W.,

You have made some serious allegations. Therefore, I will not comment on these allegations. I don't believe that you can prove much of what you have said. I do believe, however, that the family can press for the autopsy to be done, and if it is their opinion that it is taking too long, they can consult a lawyer. The undertakers should be able to give guidance on what steps should be taken to have the autopsy done.

I suggest strongly that you should stop accusing anybody of doing wrong. If anyone is guilty of any crime, the law will take its course.


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