I want my girlfriend to leave her other lover


August 12, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am an 18-year-old guy and I am having a problem. I have three girlfriends and I have had sex with all of them.

I like one of them more than the others, but she has a boyfriend. To prove how much she loves me, she had sex with me. It was hard to get her to agree to have sex with me, but I told her that sex was the way I wanted her to prove to me that she loves me and she agreed. Her boyfriend doesn't know.

I want to leave the other girls and stay with her, but she does not want to leave her boyfriend.

She is the youngest of the three girls. She is fatter than the other girls. She has a nice body and I like that.


Dear D.L.,

I can't encourage you to be intimate with three girls. You are not being wise and very soon these girls are going to find out what you are doing.

You haven't said whether you are in school, and I am assuming that these girls are schoolgirls.

Right now, you might feel that you are a champion by going to bed with three girls. However, a good man would have girlfriends and encourage all of them to do well in school. He wouldn't use them as you are doing and he would not encourage them to have sex with him, even though they have their boyfriends.

This 16-year-old should be left alone. She is not mature enough to handle intimacy and you lied when you told her that to prove her love to you, she had to have sex with you. You are causing confusion in this girl's mind. Please leave her alone.


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