Early morning sex could make me jobless


August 15, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 25 years old and my husband is 50. We have been married for two years. My husband does not like to have sex before we go to bed. If I encourage him to have sex, he says he is tired. He has got me into the habit of having sex early in the morning - like 4:30 to 5 a.m. - and when we do, my husband will fall asleep again. But I can't fall asleep because I have to go to work.

We only have one car. I do not take the bus, so my husband takes me to work. But when we have sex and he falls asleep, I can't beg him to wake up and take me to work. I like the sex, but this thing is going to cause me to lose my job. I have already got two

warnings from my workplace.

My husband says that I cannot put the work before him. It is not that I am putting the work before my husband, I do not want to lose my job. What can I do to convince my husband, that he should meet me halfway and save my job by us having sex on Fridays and on Saturdays? Anything you say, Pastor, I will do.

L. O.

Dear L. O.,

It is unlikely that your husband would agree to having sex with you only on Fridays and Saturdays of each week. So you might have to throw in another day. You might have to tell him that you are going to give him time to sleep, but both of you should practise midnight sex. In that way, he would have had enough sleep when he comes home from work and you would be able to sleep, too. And at midnight after both of you have had some sleep, you can enjoy each other by having sex and go back to bed and wake up in time to go to work.

It would be unwise of you to ignore the warnings you have got from your workplace. You should not do anything to lose your job. Your husband and yourself seem to be getting along quite well. I am happy about that. I further suggest that you should tell your husband to buy you a car so you don't have to depend on him to drive you to work. If he likes his 'stuff' so much, he has to find ways to protect it (if you know what I mean).


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