I haven't heard from my man in seven years


August 24, 2016

Dear Pastor

I listen to your programme every night. I had been living with a man for 27 years.

He went to Clarendon to work and did not come back. I have three children, but only one for him. He doesn't even call the daughter we have together.

We were to get married, but it did not work. It is seven years now he has left me. I cried a lot about it.


Dear S.B.,

Perhaps one of these days this man would come to realise that he made a mistake. I am sure God has been helping you to cope.

He should be supporting his child. But from the tone of your letter, he isn't. I am sure you have put this matter in God's hand.

One of these days he is going to be sorry that he abandoned you and his daughter. He is an ungrateful man. He has walked out on you after living with you for 27 years. God will take care of you.


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