My brother and stepmother had sex


September 02, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 18 years old and I have a problem. I have a brother who is 23 years old. He doesn't live here, but he comes and stays over sometimes.

My father, my so-called stepmother and I live together. I have my own room, and my father and my stepmother share the same room.

My father's girlfriend is 30 years old and it doesn't appear as if my father can satisfy her. I heard her telling him to buy her a vibrator for her because he doesn't have much use.

My brother told me that she told him she likes him, and he told her that he cannot go where his father has gone. She has a way of sending him texts.

One evening, my brother came to the house and was here for a long time. My father was not at home. They were watching television. I went to bed because I have a summer job.

A little after 1 o'clock in the morning, I got up to use the bathroom and I heard sounds in her bedroom. It was 'sexy' sounds, so I listened, only to realise that it was my brother having sex with my stepmother.

I stood there for a long time listening to them. I could not believe what I was hearing. I went back to bed and it took me a long time to fall asleep.

When I woke up to get ready to go to work, my brother had left. I asked my stepmother when did my brother leave and she told me that he left a long time ago.

I told her it couldn't be because I heard the both of them in the room. She said, "You heard us in the room?," and I said, "Yes, and I am going to tell my father."

She said that they were only playing. I asked her if people make those sounds when they are playing. I know that they were having sex. I called my brother and told him that I knew that he was having sex with my so-called stepmother. He begged me not to say anything.

I hate this woman. I don't have anything against my brother because she offered it to him. Sometimes I feel that I must tell my father. I don't know what to do.


Dear T.F.,

What has taken place between your father's son and his woman is inexcusable, disgraceful and grossly immoral. These two people are shameless. Your brother does not love your father. No way can he say that he does. And your so-called stepmother is bad. She doesn't love your father at all.


She told him that she wanted him to get her a vibrator because he was not satisfying her sexually. But when your father was not there and your brother showed up, she must have inveigled him to have sex with her. He could have resisted such temptation. Both of them are bad.

I am not going to tell you to tell your father, at least not now. I am afraid if you were to tell your father, he would do something crazy. And it is likely that both of them would deny that they were sexually involved. Plus, your brother and father may turn on you and beat you.

I suggest that when the time comes for you to leave your father's home, you should tell him what you know. And if your father is willing to marry this woman, you should discourage him from doing so and tell him why. At that time you would not have anything to lose, so to speak. It is going to be very difficult for you to hold this down, but it is in your interest that you do. I believe that your so-called stepmother would be very nice to you because she will always feel that you will spill the beans.

Be very careful with how you relate with your brother, he is not good. He is a wicked man. He doesn't have any respect for your father or for you.


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