My man has sex with me in his company vehicle


September 20, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 16 years old and living with my parents, one of my brothers and two sisters.

My parents always accuse me of having sex, and I know I am not guilty. They say people tell them that they see me with boys, but it is not true.

I only have one boyfriend and I see him once per week. I have to go to his workplace to see him because he is a security guard.

Whenever I go there it is not convenient for us to have sex. We had sex a few times, but we did it in the company's truck that was parked on the compound.

My boyfriend has not allowed me to go into the building, so it was from the gate into the truck and then I use wipes to tidy up myself.

When my parents say I have boyfriends and that I shouldn't bring any 'belly' in their house, I feel hurt because my boyfriend is a good guy and both of us are careful.

He is planning to save enough money and to change job because he wants to go back to school. The security work is not giving him enough time to go to school.

Other guys like me, but I plan to stick with this man. He is the evil that I know and my grandmother always says "stick with the evil that you know".

He has his own room that he rented, but he can't take me there because I cannot stay long when I visit him. I told him that I would like to get married when I am 21 years old and he agrees.


Dear D.W.,

Your parents are indeed correct. They say you are having sex and you are, because you have a boyfriend who is a security guard and whenever you see him you both have sex in the company's truck.

I suppose what you are trying to say is that your parents believe you are having sex with other guys; that is not happening, but you are playing around with your boyfriend.

You shouldn't continue to go to his workplace. One of these days, both of you may get caught in the truck and he may lose his work.

I suggest that you stick with your books and concentrate on your lessons; you will have lots of time for sex when you grow older, don't get carried away now.

Your parents want the best for you, so don't be angry if they try to guide you in the right way.


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