Maternity Puzzle: 13 year relationship gone wrong

December 04, 2015

A relationship has now ended after 13 years because a father is contending he is not the biological father of two of the three children born in the course of the lengthy relationship.

Thirty-eight-year old carpenter Oneil Mannings* is adamant that his former common-law wife cheated on him for the entire period that they were


"Throughout the relationship, there was a lot of lying and it felt abusive, so I decided to end the relationship," said Mannings.

According to the carpenter, there had always been rumours that the mother of his children had been with other men when they were together, but he only started believing a few months a go.

He is now alleging that the 10-year-old girl and four-year-old son are not his children, but the offsprings of her indiscretions during the relationship.

But his ex-girlfriend Joni Francis* is counteracting his claims.

"I have no doubt about the paternity of my three children because I have never cheated on him at any point during the relationship," said Francis.

According to the 30-year-old janitor, Mannings had never expressed concern about the paternity of the children until their relationship ended.

"After we broke up he started

spreading rumours in the community that I gave him bun and jackets," added Francis.

Francis is confident that her three children have the same father, and said all three resemble Mannings or a family member.

"The first one looks like his mother, while the second one looks like his nephew, and his last son is dead stamp of him," she said.

Mannings also said the four-year-old child looks like him, but that is not enough evidence to convince him about the paternity.

'Me nah use looks anymore, me want get dem tested before me believe anything because all she do is lie to me," said the carpenter.

While Mannings wants the paternity test to have closure, Francis said she wants the test done so rumours that are being spread about her being unfaithful can end.

"I just want the lies being told on me to stop so I can move on with my life," said Francis.

* Names changed

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