Men should learn how to treat their women


February 11, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Women remain single because our handsome 'black stallions' are too coarse. They don't know the secret of a woman and how to give them love and attention. They don't know how to be there for the women. I want to be comforted and I want to give comfort to my man, but my man's life is too full. I can't get him.

These men don't know what women need.


Dear S.,

Women are always complaining that men lack tenderness. You describe black men as 'handsome stallions'. I believe that you are saying that black men can be good in bed, but they are rough and need to be refined because they are too coarse. You are trying to say that they should show tenderness and be romantic.

On many occasions, I have said that couples should teach each other what they know. Some men don't believe in romance, but that is not only true of men. There are women who do not believe in that either.

Lots of married men don't even practise foreplay. So, my dear, if you have a man and he doesn't know what to do, instead of complaining, teach him.


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