Tired of waiting on my man to visit


February 26, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I have a big problem. I am a lonely and frustrated woman. My man has been away for four years. I have been faithful to him all these years. Every time he is to come to Jamaica, he gives me an excuse why he cannot. I think he has another woman there. I need someone I can talk to and go out with. I am a nice-looking woman and have a good heart. That person should be in his late 50s. I am 51.


Dear M.T.,

I won't encourage you to start dating another man without informing your fiancE who is abroad. You have been going together for a long time, so if you want to end the relationship because you believe that he has another woman, you should, at least, inform him so he does not say you have been cheating. You have been a good woman. People might talk nonsense about you, but you know how you feel and you know this man has given you reasons to believe he has been seeing another woman. However, I repeat, don't start dating before you inform him of your decision.

Evidently, you love him very much, so you should ask him, one more time, when is he coming. If he doesn't give you any positive answer, ask him whether he would object to you starting to date because you are tired of waiting, and would love to have a male partner in your life.


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