Caught mom having sex with another man


September 03, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I'm 17 years old, and I have something to tell you. When I was 16 years old, I was living with my mother and father. My father was building a house, but they were stealing his material. So, sometimes he would stay on the site and not come home for days. My mother was having an affair with one of her co-workers, but I did not know that they were really having an affair. He used to come to the house at nights, but he had his wife.

One evening he was at the house, and I was not feeling well, so I went to bed. My mother and this man were in the living room watching television. I slept, but the pain woke me up. So, I got up to take a tablet. I thought it was my mother alone in the living room. To my surprise, when I was heading to the kitchen for the water, I saw this man with his pants down, on the couch, on my mother, having sex. My mother saw me, but the man was so excited that he did not see me until my mother tried to push him off. I had already seen them. I could not believe it.

My mother's underwear was on the floor, and by the time I took the tablet and walked back, both of them were just sitting on the couch. He did not spend a long time after that. My mother came into the room and told me she was sorry for what she did and asked me not to tell my father what I saw. My mother used to always curse me and tell me that I am just as worthless as my father. But from that day, my mother has not cursed me anymore, and the man has not come back to the house.

I had sex with my boyfriend, and I told my mother about him. I am wondering if I would be faithful to my boyfriend. I did not know my mother would have been unfaithful to my father. My father has given my mother everything that she wants.

One day I asked my mother whether she had used a condom when she had sex with that man, and she said that they didn't have time. Pastor, what would have happened if that man had given my mother a disease and she passed it on to my father? I try to hate my mother, but I can't.


Dear M.L.,

Your mother knows that she is the one who is worthless and good-for -othing. She has no respect for herself. She knows that you were right there in the house, and yet she was having sex with another man. She will never curse you again.

I know it must be hard for you to see your father making sacrifices for your mother and, indeed, for the family, and to know that your mother is not faithful to him. I hope that you would not follow in her footsteps. I would also like to ask you to forgive her for what she did. And I hope that you would never tell your father what took place between your mother and her co-worker.


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