Boyfriend tried to force me to have sex


September 10, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 17 years old and I am having a problem with my boyfriend. Both of us attend the same high school and I fell in love with him when I was 15 years old.

I live with my parents. What I can get away with, with my father, I can't get away with it with my mother.

So, when I want to go anywhere, I ask my father first, and then I tell my mother what I want to do and what my father said.

I wanted to go to the beach with my boyfriend, so I discussed it with a couple of my schoolmates and we decided to organise a trip and rent a bus and have other girls go with us.

It turned out to be a big trip. My closest girlfriend and I are virgins, but the other girls are sexually active.

The driver of the bus took his girlfriend with him and when he parked the bus, he told us who wanted to stay in the bus could stay.

I did not want to stay, but my closest friend and her boyfriend wanted to stay in the bus. I decided to stay with them.

I told my boyfriend that we could have sex another time. While on our way, the other girls and their boyfriends were at the front of the bus and we were at the back.

My friend was telling her boyfriend the same thing, that they shouldn't do it in the bus; but these guys won't listen.

My boyfriend tried to force his penis in me and I was able to escape. I came out of the bus without my bikini and I sat at the door of the bus.

I refused to go in until I told him that I would never talk to him again. He handed me my bikini.

My girlfriend scratched her boyfriend in his face. I was so ashamed to know that I love this guy so much and right there in the open bus, he was trying to have sex with me. Now he is asking me to make up with him.

Do you think I should make up with this guy? Do you think I should trust him again? Please, give me your best advice.


Dear O.R.,

Beach trips can be very enjoyable, but it is also a time when many men have taken advantage of girls who are young and naOve.

These guys knew exactly what they had in mind. They were going to use the opportunity to have sex with your friend and you.

Your friend was determined that she was not going to allow her boyfriend to have sex with her in the bus and to take her virginity that way.

You felt that it was the wrong time. You had no privacy, but men don't think of privacy when they want to have sex.

Some men will have sex anywhere, whether it is in a car, on a bus, on a wall, a bed, a stool, on the grass, or anywhere.

Any man who feels that he can abuse his girlfriend anywhere and at any time cannot be trusted. He should learn that when a woman says no, he should stop.

I cannot encourage you to continue the relationship with this young man. You are 17 years old.

Yes, you have passed the age of consent. But the young man is irresponsible and he does not respect you. Don't renew the relationship with him.


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