She complains about the size of my penis


September 11, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 30 years old, and I am living with my girlfriend. We have a child together. Everything was going alright between the both of us. She is not working; she lost her job. I have a good job, so I take care of her and the baby. Recently, I gave her a trip to the United States, and since she came back, Jamaica has not been 'nice' for her.

I asked one of her sisters what happened. I can't figure out why my girlfriend's mind has changed from Jamaica. Her sister told me that it seems to her that my girlfriend found a man in America. To tell you the truth, Pastor, when she said that to me, I did not take it as a joke, but she said that she meant it as one.

The only problem that I have with my girlfriend is that she always tells me that my penis is too small. I went to the doctor in secret one time when she told me that, and the doctor looked at me and told me to go home and do my work because my penis is the average size and nothing is wrong with me. Imagine that! It was after the doctor told me that nothing was wrong with the size of my penis that I impregnated her. She has commented many times on the size of my penis, and I have told her that if my penis was good enough to get her pregnant once, I can get her pregnant again to prove to her that I have use.

Her sister told me that my girlfriend is always complaining to her about the same thing.

Right now, she is in the bedroom. And if I go in there, we are going to have an argument. Do you think it is OK for me to buy her a vibrator and tell her to help herself when she is not satisfied with what I can do in the sex department? I believe that she is cheating and that she has a man in America.

Because of the baby, I don't want her to leave me. I prefer not to know the man that she has, but I don't like thinking about it.

What can I do, Pastor? I read your column every day, and you are doing a good job. So please answer me.


Dear M.J.,

I have said on many occasions that the size of a man's penis can increase, but the process is very costly. There are doctors who have done surgery on men to enlarge their penis. And the women of these men have stated that it has made a great difference. I repeat, it is very expensive.

There are many who claim that they know what a man can use to increase the size of his penis. I am not recommending these herbs, etc. But there are some other methods that one can consider using if he and his spouse believe that such methods can help.

I am very sorry that your woman is always taunting you about the size of your penis. She is not a very satisfied woman. There are some who say that size does not matter and a man should learn to use what he has. My suggestion to you is that you should not allow what this woman is telling you to cause you to become depressed. I observe that you are not married, so if this woman is dissatisfied, you should consider ending the relationship with her. Good women may be hard to find, but you, I am sure, will find your size.

Jamaicans have a saying: 'Every hoe have him stick a bush.' You should tell this woman straight up that you are tired of her complaints. And if she knows that she is cheating, she should go her way.

I am not willing to tell you whether or not you should buy a vibrator because you will not be able to create the sensation that she will get from using one. And a vibrator will not prevent her from cheating.


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