Men use women, women use men!


October 10, 2015

Men use women, women use men!

Dear Pastor,

Men are the same. They only use women for sex because the women they marry or are living with, their private part is not tight, it is slack. Their women that they have at home are over the hill. In plain English, I mean these women are old and dead left. That is true of the old men too. The men are over the hill in age and that is the truth. Men mash up young women by getting them pregnant and then dump them even when the women are pregnant. And when the children are born, the children are put in the care of the government in children?s homes. Some of them use these women to get money from the women?s family unknowing to them. And women do the same thing to men and that is the truth. If I see a man that I want I would ask him questions first. Then I would tell him that I like him. I have to admit that at present I am in love with someone.


Dear T.S.,

You are clearly angry with men and in your anger you have described women in a derogatory manner. Some men when they are cursing women, they are very disrespectful but you are doing just the same. As a woman, I did not expect you to describe women in the way you have done and I think that you ought to be ashamed of yourself. According to you, when a man has affairs with other women it is because he is dissatisfied with the private part of his spouse at home. That is foolishness. If you accept that to be true, it means that if your man goes out and have an affair, you are to be blamed because your private part is not up to par. Now having said the above, it is true that some men take advantage of women and some women take advantage of men. There are some women who are ginals and there are some men who are ginals but every man?s character must be tested. Some men are smooth talkers and they would convince the most educated women to fall for them. But some women have studied men and will get much more out of men than what men will get out of them. If men and women would respect each other they wouldn?t abuse each other. But I have said it many times; most men do not respect women. They are good beggars. They would get down on their knees and beg the women for sex. They may even shed tears and after the women have consented the tears would cease. When the women tell them that they are pregnant they disappear. May God help women to use wisdom as they deal with men.


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