My boyfriend doesn't have any ambition


October 20, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am 28 and my child's father is 31. We were friends from sinnce high school. hen we left high school, he went his way and I went mine.

My people were too strict. They still treated me like a child and my mother told me he was too black. He became a security guard and my mother laughed at him.

I liked him because he was the first boy I kissed. I became a nurse and was doing part-time work. As luck luck would have it, he was posted near to the house where I was working. We reconnected and spent time talking late at nights. I gave in to him.

When I realised I was pregnant, I decided to keep the baby and my mother cursed me. She said I did not have any ambition.

I started to go to his house. One day when I visited, I saw a girl and he could not give me any reason why she was there, so I left.

He followed me but I got into a taxi and went home. Because of my child, I went to live with him but I realised he is not my type. He does not have any ambition.

He does not want to go back to school. My parents will never help me as long as I am with this man. They are willing to help me with the baby but they are not going to support me marrying him.

I have never had sex with another man but I would like to get married. I am confused and don't know what to do. I grew up in church but have not gone for a long time. Help me to get back on track.


Dear V.L.,

If you don't love this man enough to marry him, leave and rent a place on your own or go back to your parents. I am sure they will be glad to have you back.

They didn't like your boyfriend in the first place and will be happy to know you are not going to marry him.

Evidently, this young man doesn't believe in progress. Perhaps he is happy to be with you but that's where it stops.

You want more out of life and he will not be able to give you what you want. Evidently you do not love him so go home. Go home to your parents. Read your bible every day and go to church. Fellowship with other Christians. I wish you well.


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