People need to save their money


October 25, 2018

Dear Pastor,

Most folks are waiting to have a lump sum before they start to save. Some just show off and spend foolishly in order to impress, and in the end, they end up having nothing. Money saved is money earned. The stock market is a good place to invest for the long term. There are many stocks which have expanded four- to 10-fold within the past two years. Little by little goes a far way.


Dear E.R.,

You might not be accurate in how the stock market works, but you do know that it is wise to save and to invest. And, I would say that anyone who is willing to invest in the stock market has made a wise choice. They need to get all the information they can about the market before they invest in it. Indeed, it is one of the best places to put money for the long term.

So, spread the news to all your friends, your relatives and your colleagues, that if they want to be wealthy and to live comfortably in their senior years, they should consider the stock market.


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