My boyfriend doesn't like to bathe


November 01, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I have a boyfriend. He does construction work. He is very helpful. I have three children by three different men, but none with him.

Sometimes he comes and sleeps with me, and I smell him. He says that where he lives there is no water, and that turns me off.

At times I have to take him outside and let him have a bath before I allow him in my bed. He says that I am scorning him, but I am not. I want him to smell fresh.

Whenever I don't get money from my babyfathers, I have to be glad that this guy is coming around, because he gives me money.

One night, one of my babyfathers came and saw him and asked what he was doing at the house. I told him that he was my boyfriend and he wanted to fight the guy.

This guy had a long knife and he pulled it on him; he backed away. I told my babyfather not to come back and he said he is not going to give me anymore money. Do you think I should take him to court?

I can't do without this guy, and I can't do without my babyfathers, either, because it is hard to support the children alone.


Dear W.B.,

Keep only one man. If it is the guy who does construction work you love, let it be known to the babyfathers.

Let them know that you expect them to support their children, but you cannot be intimate with them. As for the construction worker, let him know that he should always shower before he comes to see you. He should know that, but, evidently, he does not practise proper hygiene.

Remember, if you take a man's money, it is likely that he is going to want something from you. Don't throw yourself around. Be very careful how you operate.


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