My relatives keep having bad dreams about me


November 01, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I have two concerns. I have been a Christian for the past five years. My mother and sisters keep having dreams that I am missing or captured.

What do you think is the meaning of those dreams?

If a person who used to be your friend stops talking to you for no apparent reason, and you try to talk to them but they are giving off a negative energy towards you, you cut them off.

Would you classify that as keeping malice, even though you don't have anything against the person? Do you think I have committed a sin for doing so?


Dear J.B.,

Do not be too concerned about the dreams your mother and sisters are having about you. Some people put too much confidence in dreams.

They find themselves even accusing their mates of being unfaithful because they dreamt that they were talking to other people. So, they must be having affairs.

You are a young woman. Don't depend on dreams to tell you about your future. Lots of people have dreamt that they have won millions of dollars and when they wake up, they are so disappointed that they are still very poor, so they curse that dream.

Young girls have dreamt that they are dressed in long, white gowns and they have got married, but they wake up to realise that they are still spinsters, without any prospect of getting married.

You do not have to worry about how a person may react to you. Sometimes it has nothing at all to do with you. Very often, a person has personal problems and they are struggling with themselves and while struggling, they ignore their friends.

The best thing a friend like you can do is to allow that person to deal with their problems; and if they call on you for help, you should respond.

You may make yourself available to help if you are called upon to do so.

You may continue to be nice to that person by checking on that person from time to time. But you ought not to give that person the impression that you want to know their business, or you are being nosey. You should pray for that person daily.


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