My lover stayed with my man and I when he visited Ja


November 09, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 27 years old and I am having a relationship with two different men. I am living with one and he treats me well, but he drinks too much. And, he is also a big gambler. I have to take away his money before he goes to the racetrack. If I don't take the money away, I wouldn't have anything to take to the supermarket.

The other guy is the one that I love. He does not live in Jamaica, but when he comes to Jamaica, he stays with us. We have great sex. The man I am living with doesn't know that we are having an affair. It has been going on for a long time. The sister of the one who lives in America knows that we are together, but she will not tell the one that I am living with. I am not married to the man I am living with.

My friend who comes and stays with us is encouraging me to leave him, so that we can get married and that he'll file for me, so that I can live with him in America.

Pastor, I know I sound like a bad woman, but please tell me what to do.


Dear D.I.,

You have admitted that you are a bad woman and that is the truth. 'You bad can't done.' You take that risk to be living with a man and have another man come and stay with you and your boyfriend; both of you are going to bed. What a risk you are taking!

The man you are living with doesn't have a clue that you are going to bed with this so-called visitor. Can you understand why some men refuse to trust women?

What I am willing to tell you is to break up your folly ground. If you don't want the man you are living with and you intend to marry the guy who is living abroad, leave the present man with whom you are living. But, don't allow him to come back and stay with you and your boyfriend. You say that his sister knows that you are going to bed with him, so don't be surprised if one of these days she tells your boyfriend that you are having sex with her brother.

Always remember that if you were to get married to him, your boyfriend would see you as the greatest deceiver that has ever lived. Evidently, you love that man who lives abroad more than the one with whom you are living. I wish you well.


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