I am not a saint


November 22, 2018

Dear Pastor,

As it relates to your comments on what I sent to you, you said: "It is evident that you have set yourself to judge people's character, and whether you know it or not, you are wrong to do so because you are a sinner like anyone else."

I have never once thought of myself as a saint. You said: "Please, remember that you are not a saint, and although you think that your sins are not as bad as other people's, you are still a sinner, doomed for Hell unless you repent."

Yes, I am aware that no sin is greater than any sin, at least from a biblical perspective, that is. And, I definitely plan to repent. In fact, I do it every day of my life, at least when I know I have done something that the Bible says is wrong.

You also said: "The question is, why do you put up yourself as a judge? If you do not wish to marry a woman who has been with other men, that is your choice. But, please do not believe that women who have had relationships with different men before they got married should be condemned. In fact, you are out of order for even thinking that way."

I cannot blame you for saying that I come off as a judge, but I am merely seeking answers to the questions that I have formed in my head. Now, I know that I am wrong for thinking and then asking these questions. Goodbye and God bless you, Pastor. Thank you for giving me feedback.


Dear P.A.,

I appreciate the spirit in which you have accepted my comments. I believe that you will do well as you face the challenges of life. In fact, I see you as someone who is seeking knowledge. I hope that you would consider doing some studies in theology and philosophy. Keep strong, and please remember to accept people as they are. No one is perfect.


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