Afraid to marry a smart woman


November 28, 2018
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Dear Pastor,

I was never married but I was living with a woman for 10 years. She gave me two children, and the two children make me proud.

I live in my father's house. It is a nice house. The only thing I had to do was to add on a bathroom.

I am the only child for my father. I have a house; I got it from the NHT. It is a two-bedroom and I am curently doing some work on it. My children's mother and I have separated a long time ago.

She sucked badness from her

mother. Her mother was a bad woman. She used to lie and cheat. When I gave my children's mother money she would share some of it with a young guy who was a criminal.

She would always defend the young man when I talked to her. I saw that she wouldn't leave him. So I told her to go.

The last time I heard from a friend who saw her told me that she was at 'Back Road'.

My children are doing just fine. I don't discuss her with them. I had these

children with her before she came to live with me. I am friendly now with another woman.

But Pastor, I am afraid to make

any commitment to her. She is educated but I am not. She said that she

loves me and I can see it. She does not

'hide' me.

She takes care of her parents in the country, and I like that.

Do you think that it is safe to marry this woman although she is more educated than I am and she has a better job? She has never been married and she does not have children.

She comes to my house and washes and cleans for me. I am getting older. I would like to marry this woman by 2020 but I want to hear what you have to say first.


Dear V.A.,

First of all, I must commend you for supporting your children although their mother and you are not together. I am glad that they are doing well in school.

I commend you also for not saying negative things about their mother in their presence. Whatever she does, she is still their mother and she should be respected as such.

You are fortunate to have a house to be living in that was owned by your father. I suspect that you are trying to say that he has passed on the house to you.

You are double blessed because you also own one from the NHT. Hopefully, your children would get a good start in life when the time comes for you to divide your assets.

I am sorry to hear that the children's mother has taken up a profession at 'Back Road'. You said that it is a friend who told you that is where she is.

The friend might not be speaking the truth. But whether that is true, encourage her to leave that type of work and try to go back to school to learn a skill.

Concerning your woman friend who is more educated than you, if she genuinely loves you and is

willing to work with you, you need not to be worried.

She is proud of you and that's why she takes you out wherever she goes.

Try and keep current with whatever is going on in the world. If you are out with her friends and they are discussing topics that you are not familiar with, keep your mouth shut.

Don't talk a lot and embarrass your woman because you wouldn't know what you are talking about.


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