Convinced my boyfriend is cheating on me


November 29, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 19 years old and I am having a problem. I am living with my boyfriend. I have been living with him for one year now.

Since I turned 18, I couldn't stand the situation at home.

My mother has two different boyfriends and every weekend both of them are at the house at different times.

These men give her money but not much because she is always quarrelling that she is not getting much money from them.

It seems that all they want from her is sex. She said she was tired of it. I asked her why she didn't tell them not to come back and she said she is not crazy.

My boyfriend has a good job and he encouraged me to come and stay by him, and that is why I am here. At the time of writing this letter, it is 11:30 p.m. and he left me here about 7 a.m. and told me he would soon be back.

I have been trying to get to him on his cell but it is going to his voicemail. He is doing this regularly now. He leaves me alone and goes out.


Recently, he did the same thing. He told me he was going to a 'wake'. When I asked him where it was being held, he couldn't give me the name of the person or the address.

I know he did not go to a wake; it must be a woman's yard that he went to. I told him I would rather go back home than to stay with him and suffer humiliation and abuse.

He talks to me as if I don't have any sense. I know he is cheating. Why doesn't he tell me the address of these places that he is going? And where is he right now, as I write this letter?

I need him and I can't sleep until he comes home.

Pastor, what should I do?


Dear O.E.,

This man has given you shelter but his behaviour shows that he really doesn't love you. He wanted to get you out of your mother's house and to have you to satisfy his sexual desire.

But he is still not satisfied because you have enough proof that when he leaves the house he is probably gone to another woman's house.

This woman and himself are not going to just hold hands and talk. They are going to do much more than that.

Insist that whenever he is going to these places that you should accompany him. If he doesn't want you to accompany him, then you know for sure that he is lying.

I suggest that you plan to leave this man and that you do so early.


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