My former man's relatives are trying to kick me out


November 29, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 45 years old and I am having a problem. I was living with a man from I was 20. The two of us were in business.

He was not such a good reader but he loved me. We worked hard. He became ill and I had to carry on the business alone. He was 10 years older than I am. His relatives never helped me.

When he died, his relatives said that I killed him to get what he had. This man made a will and gave me everything.

Now they want to fight me for everything. When he died, nobody gave me anything to help with the burial. I had to stand the cost but I did without making a fuss.

My biggest problem now is that I have a gentleman coming around. This man is helping me with the business and he stays with me to protect me.

Now the relatives of my late partner are saying that I have brought a man into their relative's house, and that is not right.

They would have to kill me to get me out of here because I know that it is the house that they want.


Dear J.L.,

You lived in a common-law relationship for a very long time. But your husband did a very wise thing by making a will. By making a will, he has protected you from his relatives, who now want to come in and claim what they never worked for.

It is human for you to feel discouraged and depressed. But please learn to stand firm. These people who are accusing you of doing wrong are just wicked and out of order.

Please go to a lawyer, he or she would defend you and protect you. You don't have to curse the relatives of the deceased. Don't answer them.

The will is enough, it should be probated. I hope the executors of the will would do what they ought to do.

I repeat, don't worry about what people are saying about you.


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