Some girls seek sugar daddies


November 29, 2018

Dear Pastor,

Some young girls from poor families start intimate relationships with big men who pay their school fees.

These girls are also seeking a father figure. Some mothers encourage this type of behaviour.


Dear J,

Very often, it is not the mothers who encourage these girls to go out and seek help. It is the girls who have seen that there is not much future for them unless they do a little hustling for themselves.

However, there are times when women do send their daughters out to become sexually involved with men for money.

Many girls have told me that their mothers told them it was time for them to go out and 'take man'.

Some girls become very promiscuous, they move from man to man to earn a daily bread, so to speak. The younger men were only interested in having sex with them, giving them a little money (nothing substantial) and the girls ended up having children.

So it is not unusual to see a young woman in her late 20s who has five children.

On the other hand, others seek older men who have good jobs and some of these men are even married but they can afford to support them, educate them and send them back to school.

I might add that some of these men give these girls enough money to help to support their parents.

I am not encouraging this type of lifestyle but I am saying that it is not always because a girl is 'bad' why she becomes involved with a married man or a man who is much older than herself.

That is why every man should support his children and should only have the number of children he can support.


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