Some women are just money-loving parasites


December 13, 2018

Dear Pastor,

In your publications, I read continuously the picayune rantings of silly women. Recently, one woman wrote that she cheated on her boyfriend because she did not get money from him to buy a dress.

Interestingly, this woman bragged about the matter instead of feeling humiliated.

Too many women in Jamaica are nothing but mere parasites that see men as money trees. However, they are allowed to act like that since men allow themselves to be enslaved by their vaginas.

Men need to invest in themselves and stop acting like hosts for parasitic women.

We live in an age where women are encouraged to empower themselves, but so many hare-brained Jamaican women will gladly sleep with a man just to get to the US.

It is also disgusting that you and the bloggers do not speak the truth about these women. People are quick to say that the men are foolish, but it is the women who are devaluing themselves.


Dear J.S.,

As I read your letter I asked myself the question: Why does this man allow himself to be so angry by the conduct of women?

You seem to be so obsessed by what you perceive that women are doing to men. In fact, by what you have written, you give the impression that you don't like women.

Perhaps everyone, except you, knows that some women cheat and that some men cheat. The women may defend themselves by saying that it is their men who have forced them to cheat.

Cursing women would not cause them to stop cheating, and saying derogatory things about them would not stop them from cheating. It is wrong for you to speak of women as if all of them are immoral.

My dear sir, I am a family counsellor, and a counsellor ought not to condemn anyone. I have to follow the example of Jesus.

Have you not read what Jesus did when a woman was brought to him by men who considered themselves very moral? They said to Jesus that they caught the woman (who was married) in the very act of adultery and they further said to Jesus that "Under Moses law she should be stoned to death".


Jesus responded by saying, "Whoever is without sin, let him cast the first stone," and Jesus went about doing his business.

The Bible says he bent down and wrote on the ground, the men walked away one by one and left the woman with Jesus.

Then after some time passed, Jesus said to the woman, "Woman, where are those who accused you? No man condemned thee?"

And the woman answered, "No man Lord". Then Jesus said, "Neither do I condemn you, go in peace and sin no more."

Think of it. You have accused me of not condemning these women who you consider to be immoral. You want me to say negative things about them.

I cannot condemn anybody, male or female, because we are all sinners. We are not perfect.

I can exhort you to learn from the example of Jesus and to realise that except for the grace of God, no person will inherit God's kingdom, and we should always pray for each other and never put ourselves as judges.

It would be good if every man would support his woman well and to treat her with respect, and for every woman to have pride in herself and endeavour to walk uprightly.

The Bible says that the temptation of the flesh is very strong, and some women know very well that men are weak when it comes to sex and the easiest way to earn money is to offer their bodies.

We would urge our brothers to be careful. The apostle Paul says that "in his flesh dwelt no good thing".

Instead of chastising men and bashing women, let's pray for men and women everywhere. And if you really don't love women (as is evident by your letter), pray that you will learn to do so.


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