Mom got married for a visa


December 14, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am currently going through a situation as it relates to my family. My mother currently resides in the US.

She was introduced to a man by a friend of hers to get married so she could get her papers for better opportunity.

She had been travelling to and from the US for about 12 years so she decided it was time to try something different.

Now it seems these same friends that helped her out are trying to sabotage her real relationship by forcing other people to believe things.

I know my mother and the kind of person she is and what she stands for. My stepfather also knows.

However, she fails to take our warning to stay away from this friend who is trying to wreck her life.

We don't know what else to do but for me I feel like everyone is trying to fight against her.

I love my mother and I know her and I know that all of this is overwhelming for her because she feels like they are trying to pin things on her.

She won't discuss it with me but my stepfather has been telling me everything. And now I am worried about my mother.


Dear B.I,

It is never wise for couples to do business marriage. So although you think highly of your mother and would like to give the impression that she was forced to marry the man in the US, I cannot accept that to be true.

She knew that it was wrong. She should not have done so. I can only promise that I would pray for her.


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