Married lover got me pregnant


October 26, 2018
A pregnant mother caresses her unborn child. Jane Smith feels no such love for the baby which is growing inside her.

Dear Pastor,

I am 21 years old, and I am pregnant for a married man. This is not what I wanted in life because I am living with my boyfriend. I had to keep the married man because my boyfriend is very mean. If I want to purchase underwear, I have to ask him for money to buy it. He said he doesn't believe in giving women money unless he knows what they want it for. So, I have been having sex with this married man, and I know that he is the one who got me pregnant.

When I told him that I missed my period, he said I should throw it on my boyfriend because he does not want to lose his wife. My boyfriend is black, and this man is of a light complexion. He always uses the condom, but the condom broke. He told me that I should take the morning-after pill, but I didn't take his advice. If when the baby born he/she is of light complexion, I will be in deep trouble. So, pastor, please give me your advice.


Dear L.C.,

You can make all the excuses you want, you know that it is not right to keep this married man as your lover. You know what happened, so you should have taken care of yourself. If this married man got you pregnant, you should not behave as if it is your boyfriend who is responsible for your pregnancy. Frankly, your boyfriend should leave you. He might be mean, but that is no excuse to keep another man with him.


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