Money coming between me and my sister


October 30, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I borrowed $10,000 from my oldest sister to pay my light bill. I told her that I would pay her back, but I wasn't able to do so on time. My sister cursed me and called me a thief. She asked my boyfriend for the money, and my boyfriend told her that he was not getting involved with my sister and myself. I called my sister and told her that she shouldn't have asked my boyfriend for the money, and she told me that he is my man so I should not be worried about that. She said that if he is having sex with me, he should be able to give me $10,000 because that is not much money.

My sister is in a much better position than I do. She has a better job. She makes more money than I do. I don't see why she can't help me. I offered my sister $5,000, and she refused to take it. She wants all her money at once.

Pastor, don't you think she is unfair? I am not stealing her money. My boyfriend has two children and he has to support them, so he is unable to give me the money to repay her. Please give me your advice.


Dear E.T.,

Put away the $5,000. Some relatives are not very helpful. Your sister is evidently in a better position than you are. Your man is not able to give you the money that you borrowed from your sister. So, your sister should empathise with you. She knows that you will pay her. She shouldn't behave as if you are a thief. Neither should she be vulgar in her language in talking to you.

I have deleted what she said about your boyfriend and yourself. I hope that you are working, and I hope that very soon you will repay your sister what you have borrowed. If you are working, I suggest that you join a credit union and save some money weekly, fortnightly or monthly so that you will be able to borrow from the credit union instead of an individual.

Don't hold anything against your sister. Perhaps $10,000 is like one million dollars to her. If you did not need the money, you would not have borrowed it from her. Both of you are sisters, and you should endeavour to live in peace. You need each other.


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