The helper had sex in our house


January 29, 2016

Dear pastor,

I am a regular reader of your column. I am 70. My wife is 65. We are old but enjoying each other. We are retired. We read your column and enjoy listening to your programme. Going to church is something we love to do. The only time we do not go to church is if we are ill. We travel a lot. Our children are all abroad.

We took in a young girl to help around the house. We took her as part of our family. When we counted everything we did for her, we came to the conclusion it was costing us too much, so it was either she went home or we paid her as a helper.

She did not want to be called a helper, but every week we gave her $5,000. We left her in charge of the house. We told her she shouldn't bring men to the house. When we came back she was three months' pregnant. We were only away for one month, so how could she be three months' pregnant?

We found she had her boyfriend come to the house without our knowledge. We were in the house and did not know. We trusted her. She is 20. The boy who got her pregnant is saying the child is not his. She told my wife the boy said I got her pregnant.

We decided to let her go home, but she was begging us every day to let her stay because where she is from is not convenient. We decided to let her stay. A relative of ours would like to have the baby. She is willing to give it up before it is born. Do you believe we should encourage our relative to take the baby? She is married, but does not have children.


Dear T.I,

I want you to forgive the girl. She is silly. I am begging you not to send her to her home. She is really simple and perhaps easily led. On the other hand, she is a trickster. She knows when to have her boyfriend come to the house. She gave you the impression she didn't have a man, but was really involved.

She should not have suggested to your wife that her babyfather said you were responsible for getting her pregnant. The guy is out of order, and she is not wise. I am glad your wife has enough confidence in you. She knows you wouldn't have troubled her . Tell her to inform the man who got her pregnant that she is planning to give up the baby for adoption. I know exactly what he is going to do. He is going to say he disagrees and wants his baby.


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