My girlfriend likes men with money


December 30, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am 17 years old and I have a 17-year-old girlfriend. We love each other. She had a boyfriend, but he used to beat her whenever she didn't obey him. She stopped talking to him, so he stopped giving her money. I used to talk to her just as a friend. She told me everything. Now she is my girlfriend. I don't have any money to give her. We had sex twice, but she likes big men who can give her money. I told her that is bad. She said it is her body, and that is what her mother does to get money. Her mother does not keep one man for long.

She is the first girl I have had sex with. I don't want her to leave me.


Dear O.G.,

This girl and you were good friends. She used to tell you about her problem, so you got to know her well. Both of you have now become lovers and are having sex. You say that you cannot give her money. I am assuming that both of you are still in school. I am going to discourage you from having the type of relationship that you are having with her.

Her previous boyfriend gave her money, but he also physically abused her. Even if this girl continued to have an intimate relationship with you, she is likely to sell her body. She is not going to stop. She grew up in a home where she saw that as her mother's lifestyle, and she is likely to follow in her footsteps.

End the relationship with this girl. Anytime she is going to talk to you about her problem, be willing to listen, but don't go beyond that. It is not even safe for you to be having sex with her.


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