My man can't please me in bed


January 11, 2016

Dear pastor

I enjoy reading your column and listening to you on the radio. I have learned a lot and you have kept us informed and entertained. I am 25 and my boyfriend is 31, but I am not enjoying the relationship. He is the slowest man I ever had in my life. I had a man who was older than him and this man took care of his body because I was able to feel him. He was not my own fully, he was 'borrowed goods'. His girlfriends came back to Jamaica and married him, and now he is gone.

This man that I am with can only give me money, but I need more than that. He is stupid. I pretend that I love him but I don't. I have another boyfriend right now with him. This other boyfriend has a night job so he is at home during the day. Sometimes I go to his house and spend most of the day with him. I cook and clean for him while he is sleeping, during which time my daughter is at school. After I have sex with him I feel perfectly all right because he knows with he is doing. Then, after I pick up my daughter from school, I go home. I make this man dinner. Sometimes I don't want him to touch me, but if he does, I pretend as if I am ready for him. There is nothing that I want that he does not give me. But having sex with him is not nice, and to get him to stop sometimes when he is going too long, I pretend as if I climaxed. My boyfriend that I meet during the day doesn't want me to leave him because he is planning to go away and I am younger than he is. He gives me money but not as much as the man whom I am living with. He is younger and has a larger penis.


Dear R.A,

You are a bad young woman and you seem to be proud of this. There is nothing good about you right now. You may change, but right now you shouldn't be proud of yourself.

And this young man who is encouraging you to cheat on the man who you are living with will never respect you. He is planning to go aboard, but if he changes his mind and remains in Jamaica, you will not be a part of his future plans because the same knife that sticks sheep can stick goats. He will always bear in mind that you will do the same thing to him, just like you're doing to the man whom you're living with.

There are some men who cannot be trusted. Men call it stealing love on the side. Some steals love on the side because their woman cannot function. Some men steals love on the side and some woman do the same. There was a time when it was a disgrace for woman to openly cheat. You are very clever; you take care of this man before he leaves home, drop your child off at school, go to your boyfriend's house, wash, clean cook and have sex with him, while your real man is working his life out. Then you pick up your

daughter and go home to cook and pretend that all is well. If this is not deception, then tell me what it is.


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