I want to stop going to church and go to clubs


January 12, 2016

Dear pastor,

I live in the Kingston 6 area. My goals for 2016 are, as follows: I want to get a job, live in a better area, live with my blood relatives and get back my child, who lives at children's home. It is his father who caused him to live there. I don't want to get into any argument with my son's father.

I am hoping to get a man to share my life with. I want to stop going to church, and go to the clubs, bars, enjoy my life. I want to get more friends and a job to help myself. I want to spend more time with my child, go for walks and not allow people to upset me.


Dear A.V,

You have to set goals and your desire to do well. However, you should also add going back to school. As I see it, you need training. If you want to get back this child, I am sure you will have to make radical changes in your life- style.

Perhaps you attend church but do not want to go anymore. I wonder why? You like to enjoy what we call night life. I don't see you as a person ready to give guidance as a mother. If you want to do these things, clubbing and spending time with men, you won't be setting good examples for your child. It is unlikely the judge will allow you to get the child. You did not give your age. It does not seem me you're ready to settle down. One can enjoy life without going to these places, allowing men to use at their whim and fancy.

I suggest you go to a family counsellor, explain the way you feel, things you like to do and ask for



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