My woman's sister stole from me


January 20, 2016

Dear Pastor,

This is the first I am writing to you. I am a Jamaican and love my country. I used to live in England, but I came back to Jamaica. This is the place I want to die. My friends think I am crazy.

Since coming home, I started another family. It was not in my plans, but things do happen. This woman is nice, but she is not from a good family. They want her to take my things from the house every week and give to them.

One of her sisters came to the house to spend a little time, and stole from us. She said she did not take anything from the house.

My girlfriend left her in the house and went to the supermarket. She went into our room and searched my things. She said she had not done so, but I know she did. I wanted to call the police, but my girlfriend begged me not to.

I am in my late 60s and my girlfriend is 41. She would like us to get married, but I don't want to get married again. Marriage is too expensive. A woman's mind changes like a lizard. My domino partners say a woman can be good to you, but as you put a ring on her finger she may change. Pastor, is that true?


Dear M.L.

When you say marriage is too expensive, you are not thinking of the little marriage ceremony, are you? I am sure you are referring to the support of your spouse and the household in general.

How much more can it cost a man to support his house if he gets married? If he is living with the woman, he would still have to buy food and pay utility bills. So, to be very frank with you, when one says married life is too expensive, one is talking nonsense.

Some men don't want to get married because they are afraid of commitment. They like the thought of having women do everything for them, and when they are fed up of these women they tell them to go home, get out of their house, and the women leave with nothing.

Women who live with men should be reminded they are entitled to receive a portion of a man's asset if they live with them for more than five years.

Perhaps your friends are saying, "Why buy a cow when you can get milk free?" Although this girl comes from a family you do not like, you have got yourself involved with her, so you should seriously consider marrying her. Before you do, make sure you receive professional counselling.


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