I really need a child


January 21, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am a young woman living in Clarendon. I listen to you every night. I am a humble girl. My boyfriend left because I could not give him a child. I had to start a new relationship. The doctor told me that one of my tubes is damaged but I should continue to try because I may be able to have a baby. I have been trying, but I am going to become 35 years old in February, and I really need a child. Please pray for my fiancE and me. Pray also for my relatives and friends. Love you, dear Pastor. Keep up the good work.


Dear K.B,

It is your desire to have a baby but God knows what He is doing. I have had women friends who did not become pregnant until they were much older than you. And your doctor has told you that it is likely you may become pregnant so don't give up. Your former boyfriend ended the relationship with you because he was not patient enough to wait on the Lord with you, and to trust God. Your present boyfriend is hoping that all will go well, and if he loves you he would marry you and leave this matter of the pregnancy in God's hand. I hope he would do just that. You have my prayers. Keep me informed.


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