We have sex in my boyfriend's taxi


January 21, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I am 17 years old, and I have a boyfriend. I like him and he says that he likes me. He helps me out sometimes with lunch money because he is working. He drives a robot taxi, but it is not his. When he picks me up, I have to be ready to have sex with him in the back seat of the car. I told him that I don't like that, but he says he cannot do better right now because he has to give the owner of the taxi money everyday. The money he said that he would have to use to pay for a room, he can give that money to me to go to school. The car he drives is tinted, so people passing by can't see us well inside.


He is not my first boyfriend. My first boyfriend had a lot of women, but he did not want me to talk to anybody and he was always threatening me, so we broke up. He still calls me, but I told him that I have moved on. This guy I am with likes to question me a lot, and if I don't answer, he gets upset. My mind tells me that he is living with a girlfriend because I don't know where he lives, and every time I ask him he tells me I will soon find out. Sometimes when he picks me up he heads straight to a spot where we can have sex. One day when he picked me up and was driving off I told him that we could not have sex because I was seeing my period. He didn't believe so he parked and I had to show him the proof. I was very upset. I like him because he is kind, but he makes me feel as if I am a prostitute. When he couldn't have sex with me, he insisted that I have oral sex with him.

Is it right for a man to force his girlfriend to have sex with him? When I was finished he said, "You really love me for true."


Dear N.T.,

There must be a better way for you to get money. You are so correct; this guy is treating you as a prostitute. Your first boyfriend had a lot of women, and he was always threatening you, and the present boyfriend is not showing you much respect. No man should demand of his girlfriend sex while she is having her period. Men do so all the time, but such men are shameless and do not have much regard for women. If you are in high school and you find it difficult to get lunch, why don't you talk to the principal, vice-principal or guidance counsellor of your school? Provisions can be made for you to get lunch. I am sure you are aware of that. Perhaps it is not lunch you need why you are taking money from your boyfriend. Perhaps, you want to buy women's stuff and other things. When a girl is willing to take money from a man, she may suffer humiliation from time to time, like what your boyfriend is putting you through. It is wrong for this man to be taking you and having sex with you in his car any and everywhere. Frankly, I do not want to encourage you to continue the relationship. Love does not operate in the way this man is treating you. What is happening between this man and you is nothing but sexual lust. He is not treating you like a lady, so consider leaving him as early as possible.


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