Is Jesus black or white?


February 11, 2016

Dear Pastor,

I would like to know whether Jesus is black or white.

P., London

Dear P.,

People have always wondered whether Jesus was black, white,

yellow, etc. I do not really know. And I have never seen any proof that he was white, although many people are being brainwashed everyday to believe that He was white. We see so-called images of Him by artists depicting Him as white with His 12 disciples.

Many of our children have been taught that He was white. Although I cannot prove what was the colour of His skin, I would prefer to believe that He was of a dark complexion. He lived in Egypt and did not face any threats there. His parents took Him there to hide Him from Herod. He fitted in with the crowd and I am assuming that it was because of the colour of His skin. I cannot be certain.

The Bible is silent on the complexion of Jesus. We know that He was a Jew and there are black Jews and white Jews. Some artists depict Jesus of having long hair, while others do not. We know that Jesus had a beard. We do not know whether He wore his hair as long as Rastafarian brothers.

My suggestion to you is that you should see Jesus in the colour in which you see yourself. Some folks may disagree with me here, but when I think of Jesus, I don't think of worshipping someone who is white. I think of worshipping a Redeemer. If I were an artist and I wanted to paint a picture of Jesus, I would not paint Him white because I won't be true to myself. But if Jesus were white, I would not question whether He was prejudiced. I would have to convince myself that as the Saviour, He was not.

Jesus was a man of every nation and for every nation. Give Him whatever colour or complexion you wish, but embrace Him as the Saviour for sinners.

Some white folks will never accept Jesus as a dark-skinned person. But to ram down our throats that He was white and that He could never be dark- skinned or black offends me. They are brainwashed and would wish for us to be also.

I know why they say and behave that way. They would want black people to believe that they are the superior race, and nothing can be further from the truth. I wish I could give you a definite answer to your query, but I can't. I know that He came into the world to redeem all men of every nation and people and tongue, and that is good enough for me.

Bible scholars differ on the complexion of Jesus. I repeat, accept Christ as your Saviour and don't be perturbed by the colour of His skin. There are

certain things that are not revealed in the Bible, and I do not know of any writer who knows for sure what His complexion was.


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